What we provide

You can count on Tephra Renovation Construction to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests for any of you residential or commercial renovation projects. Learn more about the various services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

Residential & Commercial new construction and renovation

Tephra have been working with private clients, strata management companies, and hotel managing teams on various projects including:

  • New construction
  • Leak repairs
  • Renovation of residential units, hotel rooms, hotel corridors and exterior of building
  • House addition
  • Light and heavy maintenance on strata management properties
  • Project management
  • Etc.

To Learn more about this service, click on the Learn More button or contact us directly.

Concrete work

Our team have dedicated years into learning and gaining expertise in concrete work, masonry, pavement and heat trace repair to accommodate hotels and multi-unit complexes need. Our main field of expertise includes:

  • Rock walls
  • Pavement
  • Concrete repairs (Stairs, walkways, parkades, pool decks, etc.)
  • Concrete crack repairs, grinding, polishing, cutting, forming
  • Heat trace system repair on pool deck, walkways, stairs, entrance
  •  Sand blasting on various surfaces such as concrete, rock and metal.

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Problems with the building envelop can cause lots of trouble. Often costly, water ingress is one of the problems we see the most in the Sea to Sky corridor. To remediate such problems, Tephra have been working and training alongside one of the top manufacturers of waterproofing products, Soprema. Certified to apply the Alsan RS products, Tephra can help with:

  • Deck membrane replacement,
  • Building envelope penetrations
  • Window and door waterproofing
  • And much more..

Dustless (Wet) Sand Blasting

Tephra is proud to announce the new acquisition of the necessary tools to provide all our clients with Dustless (wet) sand blasting services. Eco-friendly and non damageable of plants and the surrounding areas, wet sand blasting become easily the best choice for an array of project:

  • Removal of paint
  • Removal of calcium or limestone
  • Removal of rust on metal
  • Surface cleaning with adjustable flow system to adjust for pretty much any substrate.
  • Graffiti, oil stains, mildew grime won’t hold a chance with wet sand blasting

Management tools

Project Management

You have a large project to coordinate? We can help you.

  • Construction site supervision
  • Construction consultant
  • Coordination of different trades
  • Inspections
  • and much more

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