Concrete and masonry work

Concrete and Masonry contractor

Through the years, Tephra got the opportunity to work for some of the biggest complexes and hotel resorts in Whistler. We have completed small and large-scale heat trace systems repairs, concrete walkways and stairs repairs, and rock walls restorations. During those years, our team gained valuable skills and developed methods that are time and cost efficient, which directly benefits our clients. We are proud to say we respect our timelines and budgets for each project we undertake.

  • Rock walls
  • Pavement
  • Concrete repairs (Stairs, walkways, parkades, pool decks, etc.)
  • Concrete crack repairs, grinding, polishing, cutting, forming
  • Heat trace system repair on pool deck, walkways, stairs, entrance
  •  Sand blasting on various surfaces such as concrete, rock and metal.

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